Total Life Changes 

So anyone who knows me, knows I am a proud Total life changes(tlc) Independent business owner..

We are a network marketing company that offers all natural health, beauty and weightloss products.. Our vision is to select and provide superior products that have a lasting effect on consumer’s health while providing these same customers with an opportunity to CHANGE their socioeconomic status through a rewarding binary compensation plan.

According to, tlc is the fastest growing MLM company in the world right now with a 428% gain alone in the 2nd quarter of 2015..impressive!!

Tlc has spread out to most continents with Asian and African markets still virgin..

With their strong financial growth and amazing compensation plan, 

Tlc has made a few millionaires worldwide.. 

If you are looking for a company that understands your financial needs and products that work, total life changes is the company for you..

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Network Marketing

Network marketing or multi level marketing (MLM) is a very lucrative and one of the fastest growing businesses these days.

what is it all about? sales, sales and more sales!!

It was realised that the old fashioned way of selling-by word of mouth-reached more potential clients that a company cant reach using their conventional methods. The company does this by recruiting independent business partners who also recruit others as well as sell the products. These independent business partners get paid for recruiting and selling. Not complicated is it?

Network marketing is becoming increasingly popular for the following reasons

  • you dont need a particular education to sell..just a set of skills that can be anyone can do it.
  • you are your own boss.
  • none of the conventional 9-5 working hours making it great for anyone looking for a more flexible work schedule.
  • great source of residual income
  • products that work and a population that needs them.

Piqued your interest yet?

Lets face it, we all need that extra money. But with soo many MLM companies out there how do you know which one to choose? Here are a couple of things to look for in a company

  • the company long they have been in the business, their credibility and financial stability
  • their compensation plan- how the commissions are being paid and make sure you are comfortable with it.
  • products-highly effective products speak for themselves and makes sales less stressful for you the sales person ensuring you have a ready market for them.

If you have been considering network marketing as a side income or main business, hope this post has been helpful.






Big chop NOW WHAT??


Sorry i havent been able to put up any posts till now. The new year started a little hectic but here goes!!

so you took the huge step and did the big chop!!! Now WHAT??

First off, yaay you!! congrats on that big move..I hope you are enjoying it so far. Hopefully, this post would help you through your journey. what are your next steps?

GET PRODUCTS: We naturals are always experimenting, trying out the many products in the market. Many others prefer using natural products to brand products. No matter what you choose, It is important to get products that work for you – remember your hair porosity test.

GET A REGIMEN: consistency is key with everything in life and same goes with our hair. Having a constant hair routine which can be made up of any of the following steps- cleansing, conditioning or co-washing, deep conditioning, detangling, moisturising and protective styling. whatever steps you choose to use, to achieve hair growth, you would need to be consistent.

Hope you found the post useful. More upcoming posts on product reviews and creating a hair regimen.

stay tuned!!





so its Dec, 31st the end of another year and its my birthday!!

I hit the big 3-0 today and honestly, ive been approaching this day with some trepidation..maybe ive just been putting too much pressure on myself – to have achieved certain things by this time- but I would say I am doing pretty good despite not being there yet..

Being the end of the year and the start of a new one for me, there are things I would love to practice more 

– Put God first and trust Him always

– we were given a mouth and two ears for a reason..listen more and talk less

– learn to go the extra mile for others 

– be a better mother, daughter, sister, friend 

– Commit more time to my business

– Most importantly not take myself too serious..relax and have is short and we should make the most of it.

Do share your New Years resolutions if you have any!! And as we ring in 2016 – or 2015s Loool – wishing you God blessings!!

Be safe, have fun and see you next year!!



Going Natural

I have had a couple of family and friends approach me either about natural hair,its growth or maintenance. I felt pretty honored that you would turn to me for advise given that i am no guru at this myself (lol). For this reason i decided to make a journal of my journey and hopefully it would help other aspiring naturalistas better prepare for the journey ahead.

I have been natural 3years now on and off with my first big chop in 2012 and to be honest i had no idea what i was doing – as i am sure most first time naturals. so i soon went back to relaxed hair and big chopped again in 2013. it has definitely been a love-hate ride for me but i think im pretty comfortable with where i am at right now and can better enjoy it. This post is about the three things i wish i knew before embarking on this journey.


Most of us go on a whimp and cut our hair and later regret making that decision as there’s really no turning back..going natural is a journey you should want.. for whatever reason you decide to go natural, it should be what you want. that way on the not-so-wow-days, you would still rock your look and make it work


which would it be? going all the way or transitioning? i advise you go with what you are comfortable and can work with. because of the nature of our hair, the big chop is the usual choice for kinks as it is easier to handle than transitioning.


And no i am not talking about being a 4C or B but about your hair porosity. this is a factor many people ignore which i think is more important than whether you are a 4C or B. knowing your hair porosity determines the kind of products you use on your hair. a good way to test this is by doing the water test.pull out a few strands of your hair and drop in a glass of water.5 minutes later, you have your results. if your hair is at the bottom of the glass, you have highly porous hair. floating hair has low porousity.

these three points are a great start for those wanting to go on this journey as well. hopefully some questions have been answered. more upcoming posts on maintenance and retaining length.stay tuned and thanks for reading!!